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About us

Who we are

I first discovered the power of CBD when working as a designer in the fast-paced fashion industry in San Francisco.

The long days, late nights, and crazy deadlines were starting to take their toll; and a friend suggested I try CBD to help with my anxiety and poor sleep.

I was hesitant at first but, within a few days of trying CBD, I felt my anxiety levels drop and general well-being really improve. I felt calmer and more in balance, I was able to focus more at work and ultimately, feel more present in life. 

When I moved back to London I was really disappointed with the products available in the UK. Not only were the levels of CBD in products ineffective but they were really unpleasant to use. The market was missing sophisticated, effective and enjoyable CBD products that could seamlessly into everyday life.

So, with the help of a bunch of brilliant, innovative friends, we took on the challenge of creating the world’s most luxurious CBD experiences and OTO was born.

Since launching in 2019, OTO has grown to be the UK’s leading premium CBD brand, with a presence in over 400 locations including Harrods, Selfridges and Mandarin Oriental, and are expanding rapidly globally.

We remain a small team of passionate people, with the single-minded mission of creating the most thoughtful and effective products and we love hearing from people who try OTO products.

Find your space,

Gemma x

Why OTO?

Our story

Translating to ‘Sound’ in Japanese, OTO leverages the emphasis of the relationship between sound and silence. Each needs and responds to the other to create balance, meaning, harmony and cohesion. OTO exists to help you ‘Amplify the Silence’ so that you can FIND YOUR SPACE.

Our mission

Everything we do starts with a purpose. Then we add deep insight and a desire to rebalance ourselves (and the world).

We aim to provide only the most effective and luxurious experience every. single. time. So all OTO products are rigorously researched, designed, and tested. All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced, naturally derived and vegan and cruelty-free to create premium products that actually work.

In a world of chaos, let OTO help you embrace the moments of calm.

Relax, rebalance, and restore with OTO.