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OTO’s optimum-strength CBD drinks range is non-alcoholic, vegan and sugar free. Elevate social occasions and amplify the moment without the hangover. Curated to easily fit into your daily routine, from canned seltzers to enjoy on the go to award-winning CBD Bitters to enhance your cocktail creations.

Amplify the moment

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CBD Drinks

Designed by our dedicated team for the modern day connoisseur, OTO’s optimum-strength CBD drinks range is non-alcoholic, vegan and sugar free. Amplify the flavor of cocktails, mocktails, tonics and juices. Enhance social experiences, elevate your mood and engage in the moment.

CBD Bitters
CBD Bitters
CBD Bitters
CBD Bitters
1,350mg CBD
Enhance any drink with OTO’s calming non-alcoholic CBD Bitters.

Say hello to CBD-infused drinks

Take your everyday beverage and elevate it to new heights with the power of pure CBD. CBD-infused drinks are a fantastic way to unwind and relax, making a standard moment something truly special and luxurious. Our botanical cocktail bitters and CBD-infused drinks can be used alone or added to a wide variety of drinks, from smoothies and seltzers to alcoholic blends, to create a delicious moment of calm. Elevate your mood, feel connected and enhance your social experiences with CBD-infused drinks. 

What do CBD-infused drinks do?

With a fresh flavor and a rich blend of botanicals that have been chosen for their unique properties, CBD-infused drinks harness the power of pure CBD and incorporate it into a convenient product that you can enjoy whenever the need arises. Bringing calm and focus to your day, whether you’re looking to relax and unwind at the end of a busy week, center yourself in a moment of chaos, or connect to the present moment when life feels like it’s getting too much, CBD drinks can help you achieve clarity. 

Explore our range of CBD drinks

Expertly blended with herbaceous botanicals and the perfect dose of CBD, our range of CBD drinks have been crafted with luxury and indulgence in mind. These delicious drinks, from seltzers to bitters, add a zesty, herbal note to your drinks to enhance the flavor but also support your wellbeing. Add them to alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, as well as herbal teas, juices and more for a flavorsome addition to your routine. Carefully blended by experts and rigorously tested to deliver the perfect dose of CBD every time, each of the drinks in our range is a delicious way to support your wellbeing and enjoy a moment of clarity.